Character Cards

Land of Zion comes with 2 packs of character cards to play from. Each pack contains 5 character cards that can be used to build your team of 3 characters. Each pack has 4 - 1 Star character cards and a chance of either 1 - 2 Star character card, or 1 - 3 Star character card. 

Each rarity of character card gives you a set of amount of abilities to use with that character. Examples are below:

1 star character cards will have 1 offensive color and 1 defensive color.
2 star character cards will have either 2 offensive colors and 1 defensive color, or 1 offensive color and 2 defensive colors.
3 star character cards will have 2 offensive colors and 2 defensive colors.

Each color on the character card gives you 3 different abilities to use in battle in Land of Zion. These abilities are described on the character's ability card (detailed below). The bottom left corner shows the offensive colors available, and the bottom right corner shows the defensive colors available.

Land of Zion is all about player strategy and play style. Take some time to discover the different characters available to build your deck around. There are hundreds of combinations that have synergy with each other that will give you the advantage in battle.  There are 140 different characters to choose from in Land of Zion across 7 different character classes. Additional packs of character cards can be purchased in stores, or from this site after release.