Visions of Telios Logo with background.png

Sky Kingdom Games is proud to announce the first expansion for The Stonebound Saga titled 'Visions of Telios', slated to launch on Kickstarter Summer/Fall 2018.

The call of the King has been answered! Stonebound from all over Telios have come together to create the newly formed Kingdom of Lux. With Tenebris looming, the Stonebound have been training with their newfound powers. Through dedication and practice, some of the Stonebound have achieved a new depth of mastery - the ability to harness the power of Telios itself.

Visions of Telios introduces a brand new card type to the game called 'Terrain Cards'. Terrain cards represent various locations from Telios that are used to modify spaces on the battlefield during gameplay. These modifications can be beneficial or detrimental, and they affect allies and enemies equally. Terrain cards open up a completely new gameplay experience by adding another exciting level of strategy.       

More information on Visions of Telios will be revealed soon so check back often for new content!