Alysia was born the eldest daughter of the wealthiest family in the great city of Vepo.  Of the many cities and trading posts that dot the shores of the mighty Oram river and its many tributaries, the merchant city Vepo is the jewel of all Koros. All trade from Gorland to Isofar eventually flow through Vepo.

From a young age Alysia was taught all she needed to know so that one day she could take the reigns of her family's trade empire. As part of her training, Alysia led trade fleets down the Oram to the various border towns of Gorland and Isofar. It was during one such trip, as she kept watch in the boat, that she heard a voice calling to her from the water. She glanced down and saw a stone shining brilliantly from the depths. As she reached down, the stone rose from the water and entered her hand. As soon as she touched the stone, visions of a great floating city entered her mind and a warmth flowed through her body. The voice was calling her to Lux.

Alysia was conflicted. She wanted to heed the call of the voice immediately, but she commanded a fleet filled with weapons, armor and food needed to fuel Isofar's eternal war with Falmund. She decided to finish her trade run and then slip away to Lux.


Three days later the fleet dropped anchor at the Isofarian port of Strofa and disaster struck. As the dockers started unloading the cargo, shouts could be heard rising above the din of the town. Alysia looked up and noticed a strange red glow in the sky. Suddenly a group of soldiers wearing Falmund red broke into view waving torches and swinging swords. A warehouse behind the soldiers suddenly erupted into flames. It was then that the flaming arrows began to fall. Alysia could hear the solid "Thunk" as each arrow found a home in one of her ships. Alysia grabbed her bow and tried to rally her men but there was chaos everywhere and her guards were no match for trained soldiers. Strofa was burning, and Alysia's past burned along with it.

In the days that followed, Alysia felt more alone than she ever had in her life. Her people were lost, her livelihood was gone, and she had just barely managed to escape downriver with her life. It was all her fault. She couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if she had only listened to the voice that called to her from the stone. Now even the stone was silent. Still, Alysia continued following the river south, away from everything she had ever known and towards an uncertain future.

Days turned to weeks and she continued south, surviving on the water of the Oram river and what little fish she could catch. Her strength was fading and she had almost given up hope when she heard the distant sound of falling water. Oram falls, where the mighty river spilled over into the ancient valley of Lux. Her exhaustion turned to excitment and she danced along the river's edge until, breathless, she stopped at the edge of the great falls. The waters of the Oram continued their journey plunging impossibly far to the valley floor far below. She looked up into the sky and saw the city of Lux. It floated above the valley like a cloud and it seemed to radiate light. The speaking stone in her hand began to glow and Alysia once again felt the familiar warmth pass through her body. Finally, she was home.