1. What type of game is The Stonebound Saga?

In The Stonebound Saga you lead characters from the world of Telios and engage in strategic battles against your opponent. Characters are training in the valley of Lux for an upcoming battle against a force known as Tenebris. In this valley, characters are protected by an ancient power and cannot be hurt.

The Stonebound Saga is skirmish game using cards in place of miniatures to represent the characters in battle. The game uses a mixture of grid based strategic movement, resource management and dice rolling. In 'The Stonebound Saga' you're building a simple deck (or team) of 3 characters. These 9 cards (3 character cards and 6 ability cards) have multiple uses and options so while you don't have a standard deck size of 60 cards; you have a myriad of options with less cards and less setup to play. We aimed to create a game that had a quick setup and quick learning curve, but had a deep level of strategy once the base rule set was learned.

Players can choose from three exciting ways to play in The Stonebound Saga. The various formats are below:

Constructed Play (Standard Play) - 
In constructed play each player creates a deck of three characters from the ‘Character Deck’ that can have a max star value of five (total) as well as the matching ability cards for each character. Each character has a star rating that specifies the rarity of the card from 1-3 stars. There are 70 characters to choose from across 7 different classes, each with their own role to play in battle. Players can craft a team that suits their unique play-style and strategy. There are close to 300 unique abilities between the characters in The Stonebound Saga, and a myriad of synergies between the various characters. 

A three-character per player game played at a steady pace takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. For team play we recommend 2 players against 2 players, or 3v3. Each player would have 2 character cards and up to 4 stars of rarity.

Draft Play - 
In draft play each rarity of character cards are separated into piles and shuffled. Character cards are placed face down on the table. One player then takes the top 5 cards from each pile and places them face up on the table. Players alternate turns choosing their teams from the available cards that were flipped over. In a 1v1 game each player could pick 1 common character (1 Star), and 2 uncommon characters (2 Stars) OR the player could pick 2 common characters (1 Star) and 1 rare character (3 Stars). 

In a 2v2 or 3v3 game each player could pick up to 4 stars of rarity and a max of 2 character cards.

Free Play - In free play players can create a deck of characters with a star value of any amount.

3. How much does the game cost and when will it be available for purchase?

You can find the game and add-ons in our online store above. The Stonebound Saga is listed at $60.

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