The twins Banon and Gandar are inseparable. As boys they were often seen laughing and running along the canals of Vepo causing mischief of one kind or another. When they turned 18, to the surprise of everyone, they gave up their unruly ways and joined the Koros merchant guard where they became model soldiers.

                Gandar was the first to hear the call of the speaking stones and for a time it drove the brothers apart. Gandar started spouting nonsense about a voice and magic stones, but Banon was having none of it. As time passed Gandar became more insistent and pleaded with his brother to leave the guard and travel with him to the ancient valley of Lux where all would be revealed. Banon became furious with Gandar and tried to have him locked up for desertion, but Gandar fled into the wilderness. Wracked by guilt and fearing for Gandar's safety, Banon abandoned his post and went off to search for his brother alone.


                On the third day of his search, Banon heard distant shouting and the distinct ring of metal from a clearing ahead of him. As he reached the clearing, Banon witnessed the most unnerving sight he had ever seen. A group of armed men surrounded Gandar, but Gandar was...glowing. Seeing his brother in trouble, Banon felt something well up in him. Not knowing why, He reached down to pluck a stone from the ground. Suddenly he heard a voice and all became clear. As if by instinct Banon summoned a spear made of pure spirit out of thin air. He locked eyes with his brother and a smile came to his lips. The twins were reunited and no one was going to stop them from reaching the valley of Lux.