Terrain Card Database

Terrain Cards are organized by their element type below . Take some time to explore the various effects of each terrain location, and the various strategies they open up.

To navigate this database simply click on the element icons below to display each set of terrain.



Card Scroll Description

When a character occupies a Shiftscape, the character may spend 1 MV to move to another Shiftscape on the battlefield.

  • If a character occupies a shiftscape another character may not move to the occupied location. (From one shiftscape to an occupied shiftscape)



Thieves Den

Card Scroll Description

If one of your characters occupies Thieves Den at the end of their turn, [On 1-50] randomly take one card from opponent's hand.

Eryndur Grove.png

Eryndur Grove

Card Scroll Description

Characters attacking a character occupying Eryndur Grove attack as though they have [Blind].

  • Abilities that nullify [Blind] do not affect this location.

Ophirian Marshes.png

Ophirian Marshes

Card Scroll Description

If a character ends their turn on Ophirian Marshes, [On 1-50] player immediately draws 1 card from the last 3 discarded Speaking Stone cards.

Tenebris Portal.png

Tenebris Portal

Card Scroll Description

Choose an element. Once Tenebris portal is placed on the field all abilities with chosen element type now cost +1. Not stackable with same element by any player.