Terrain Card Database

Terrain Cards are organized by their element type below . Take some time to explore the various effects of each terrain location, and the various strategies they open up.

To navigate this database simply click on the element icons below to display each set of terrain.

Ice Block.png

Ice Block

Card Scroll Description

Space occupied by Ice Block may not be occupied by characters. Any character may use their attack action to remove Ice Block.

Cooling Stream.png

Cooling Stream

Card Scroll Description

When a character moves onto Cooling Stream, [On 1-50] remove all status effects from character.

Kaldr Peak.png

Kaldr Peak

Card Scroll Description

When a character moves on or within 1 space of Kaldr Peak [On 1-25] Character adds [Freeze].

The Foglands.png

The Foglands

Card Scroll Description

The Foglands must be played on a terrain card currently on the battlefield. This terrain location may now only be used by you. May be played on a space occupied by a character.


Soothing Fountain

Card Scroll Description

If a character occupies Soothing Fountain at the end of their turn heal character by 2 HP.