Terrain Card Database

Terrain Cards are organized by their element type below . Take some time to explore the various effects of each terrain location, and the various strategies they open up.

To navigate this database simply click on the element icons below to display each set of terrain.

Valley of the Wind.png

Valley of the Wind

Card Scroll Description

Characters do not use MV to occupy Valley of the Wind. [On 1-50] Characters with RNG greater than 1 increase RNG by 1 when occupying Valley of the Wind. Additional RNG lasts until end of character's turn.


Ilandris Forest.png

Ilandris Forest

Card Scroll Description

Ranged characters on or within 2 spaces of Ilandris Forest have 1 less RNG. Not stackable.


Sand Storm

Card Scroll Description

When a ranged [Standard Attack] is made on a character occupying Sand Storm, [On 1-25] character may redirect the attack to a new target within 3 spaces.

Koros Bazaar.png

Koros Bazaar

Card Scroll Description

When a character occupies Koros Bazaar player may swap 1 Speaking Stone card in hand with one player on their team.

Argun Tundra.png

Argun Tundra

Card Scroll Description

When a character makes an attack while on or within 2 spaces of Argun Tundra, [On 1-50] their CRT is 20 less. Not stackable.