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Chapter 2: Contents and Setup


1 The Stonebound Saga Game box - contents below:
1 Playmat (25" X 35")
140 Card Resource Deck (Speaking Stones Deck)
70 Card Character Deck
140 Card Character Ability Deck
12 Character Stat Cards
72 Wooden Pegs
110 Status effect tokens
2 Pair of D10 dice
1 Rulebook

Players can choose from three exciting ways to play in The Stonebound Saga. The various formats are below:

Constructed Play (Standard Play) - 
In constructed play each player creates a deck of three characters from the ‘Character Deck’ that can have a max star value of five (total) as well as the two matching ability cards for each character. Each character has a star rating that specifies the rarity of the card from 1-3 stars. There are 70 characters to choose from across 7 different classes, each with their own role to play in battle. Players can craft a team that suits their unique play-style and strategy. There are close to 300 unique abilities between the characters in The Stonebound Saga, and a myriad of synergies between the various characters. 

A three-character per player game played at a steady pace takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. For team play we recommend 2 players against 2 players, or 3 players against 3 players. Each player would have 2 character cards and up to 4 stars of rarity.

Draft Play - 
In draft play each rarity of character cards are separated into piles and shuffled. Character cards are placed face down on the table. One player then takes the top 5 cards from each pile and places them face up on the table. Players alternate turns choosing their teams from the available cards that were flipped over. In a 1v1 game each player could pick 1 common character (1 Star), and 2 uncommon characters (2 Stars) OR the player could pick 2 common characters (1 Star) and 1 rare character (3 Stars). 

In a 2v2 or 3v3 game each player could pick up to 4 stars of rarity and a max of 2 character cards.

Free Play - In free play players can create a deck of characters with a star value of any amount.