Chapter 3: Starting the game


Each player takes one character dashboard for every character they are playing with. Each player then sets the starting stats for their characters on the dashboards and places the character's ability cards in the indented card area on the right side of the card. The starting stats for each class are printed in the indented area on the right side of the dashboard. Players will use these dashboards to track their character's stats throughout the game. Each stat is tracked by sliders, and activated [Fuse] abilities can be recorded using pegs on the card. 


Players roll their dice to begin.  Whichever player rolls highest decides who goes first. When playing with more than 2 players, one player from each team rolls to see which team begins first. The Stonebound Saga uses two D10 dice for all rolls. The colored die is always the tens die, and the white die is always the ones die. The D10 are numbered 0-9, and a double zero would equal 100. The player (or team) that goes first sets up their characters on one side of the field. Characters must be on the line at the end of the field (shown below) in any position they like. The player or team that goes second sets up their characters on the opposite side of the field.