Chapter 1: Objective


In The Stonebound Saga you lead characters from the world of Telios and engage in strategic battles against your opponent. Characters are training in the valley of Lux for an upcoming battle against a force known as Tenebris. In this valley, characters are protected by an ancient power and cannot be hurt.

Game board shown is 25" X 35" (100 spaces)

Game board shown is 25" X 35" (100 spaces)

Players will need to carefully manage their resources and tactically move their characters across a grid based gameboard in an attempt to overcome their opponent’s characters using various attacks and abilities. The first player or team to bring all of their opponent’s character’s HP (Health Points) to zero is the winner. The game supports 2-6 players and matches take 45-60 minutes to complete. 

The Stonebound Saga includes 70 unique characters to choose from across 7 different classes. Decks are built by each player to suit their own play style and strategies.

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