Chapter 1: Introduction


The Stonebound Saga is a new card game that offers a variety of elements such as resource management and tactical gameplay. The game is for 2 to 6 players played on a large grid-based playmat.

Playmat shown is 25" X 35" (100 spaces)

Playmat shown is 25" X 35" (100 spaces)

As the player you will lead characters from the world of Telios, and engage in strategic battles across a battlefield against your opponent’s characters. 

Each character possesses unique abilities to use in the field of battle indicated by the colors on the bottom of each card. Each character comes with a skill card that details these abilities. Each turn you will be drawing resource cards (Deck included with the boxed game) to be able to use abilities and move your characters across the battlefield to attack your opponent’s characters.  The first player to bring all of the opponent’s character’s HP (Health Points) to 0 is the winner.

The base release of The Stonebound Saga will include dozens of different characters to choose from across 7 different classes. Decks are built by each player to suit their own play style and strategies.

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